Analog Entertainment Merchant Policy

This Media Production Agreement ("Agreement") is a payment contract between you (your company) and Analog Entertainment LLC

Limitation of liability Subject to applicable USA & International law, in no such event shall this site, Analog Entertainment LLC, Analog TV, its officers, employees, directors, licensors, agents, or their license or successors and assignees, be liable to you or anyone for and indirect, direct, incidental, or subsequent damages whatever resulting any mistakes, (1) errors or inaccuracies of the media content. Including the media content installed on our subdivision .com websites (TV Channel Online, Cable Media Entertainment, ETC), and/or our Analog Entertainment LLC Youtube channel.

I understand that if, during your media production or after your media production, I leave or am excluded from Analog Entertainment LLC services for any reason, there will be no refund of fees already paid either by cash, money order, checks or credit cards. I accept all responsibility for additional expenses due to delays or other changes in the means of transportation, other services, or other unforeseen causes. If I become detached from the Analog Entertainment LLC production, or fail to meet a payment I understand Analog Entertainment LLC and its representatives have the right to make cancellations or changes due to non-payment as agreed.

I understand Analog Entertainment LLC and its representatives have the right to make cancellations, substitutions, or changes in the case of emergency or changed conditions including without limitation the level of participant interest in your media production.

The information including our media production pricing that we may talk to you about over the phone, in person, fax and/or any emails, or any attachments may contain confidential information that is intended solely for the attention and use for discussing our business to potential clients, existing clients, or networking partners. Thus you are not authorized to disclose, copy, nor contact our third party partners, distribute, or retain information or any part of it. You must not disclose information to any person(s) without prior written authorization. *Note: All credit cards payments are subject to an extra 2.5% fee and all fees applied to said credit cards are nonrefundable. Bounce checks are subject to a fee of $25.00. State tax may be included according the tax rate of your state. Request this merchant media policy to sign by you (your company representative) and deliver to us by fax within 3 business days Click Here


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