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Trenton NJ Fighting Back Crime

**Attention all sport players or music producers or teachers &/or strong business leaders. Become every child's hero by contacting us today if you would like us to tape an interview episode with you to help us fight back crime! GET INVOLVED! GIVE EXISTENCE! BELIEVE! GIVE BACK! GIVE A CHILD'S DREAMS A CHANCE! En·Cour·Age·Ment = Support, Confidence, & Hope - All this brings success to our young children of tomorrow!**

It is very important to give back to the youth and reach out to youth within our communities. Having a good time and famous sports adults taking time out for the young children of our next generation. They are every child's hero! Learn more about New Jersey sport history heroes and what they all are doing now!

New Jersey Sport Greats

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Derek & Butch

South New Jersey Greatest Football History. What comes to your mind when you say Derek & Butch?

Episode 1 Derek Holloway and Butch Birkhead


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