Take the time today to read & view these video's below that can help explain further the need to learn more about ~ all our diversity issues: (We are ~ all... us, them, you, mothers, & me ) Understanding Diversity, Dance, Music Story Telling, & Sports Helps with all types of DIVERSITY & Children really do not know nothing about Culture DIVERSITY!

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Bouncing a ball today: Years ago while playing high school sports my gym teacher begged me to play after school sports and join their team. I told them NO! Why? Because I was not going to get a sport-related college funding from it like my brother was. And I got really mad about it.

Back in the late '60s and that age-old social behavior that was not fair for some of my minority friends in grade school really got to me and I could not understand it! And I got mad! After 50yrs I am still mad! The process of equal pay for women & treating people of all colors as equals is not happening as fast as it should be! It is time today to change it. Read on...and get involved THANKS FOR SHARING THIS TOPIC WITH THE WORLD!

At grade school, I learned the most about diversity. And I was not happy about how girls of all colors or other minorities were treated in society. Leaving them to face the highest rate of poverty. Knowing firsthand that people just do not understand each other's cultures.

Understanding Melatonin Skin Color and Cultures: Melatonin color of your skin light or dark: It is who you feel you are inside and only you know who you truly are. Be you! Learn to know others that have a different color of Melatonin. After all, it is only skin color called Melatonin!

Did you know this? A bumblebee will not sting a butterfly when harvesting nectar on a flower together.

Stop and say Hello and start a nice conversation with a stranger of a different race today so we all can understand each other. It is, after all, not UNDERSTANDING DIVERSITY that may be keeping us all apart. And no one will sting you either!

Many internet projects I sponsored and designed by one woman typing away by hand-coding HTML, learning search engine stuff, and building many websites designed to fight back DIVERSITY!

Since 1999 I have been bringing awareness about diversity to the Internet by typing away! And the object of the TV Channel Online is to carry on my internet online work and thus contribute to the feeling of self-respect, encourage children to play sports, personalize worth to people of all cultures, mental, and physical improvement of global society; to maintain an online community for higher educational and social purposes; to carry comfort and good cheer to families; to help the needy by enabling them to help themselves; to bring diversity social problems out in the open and confidant acquaintance with the needs of the global people and by giving personal advice and encouragement, assist somewhat proving tools to make incomes.

Both highschool levels & gold metals sports lead to nothing but glory! Direct your children to get on a sports team, dance team, learn to play a tune, or join the local Y. Diversity in sport is important because it helps children to respect and value one another in wider society. When they are focused on winning, there is no room for prejudice because everyone involved has to anticipate the behavior of teammates purely on the basis of their abilities. And of course, their aim is to win the game!

Bounce a ball today with them! En.Cour.Age.Ment = Support, Confidence, & Hope - All this brings success to our young children of tomorrow! And sports are great for kids!

Take the time today to view these video's below that can help explain further the need to learn more about diversity issues:

Addressing Racial Diversity In Dancing by Tiffany & Co

Tiffany & Co | 3rd Place USA Team | Winners Circle | World of Dance Championship 2019 Read what owner of Tiffany & Co feels about diversity & dance: "Dance is diverse in itself, not because of the number of styles there are, but because of the number of stories you can tell. This wicked world we live in is an outlet to all things good and bad and dance is a non-violent way to unplug from that and be truly happy. Dancers accept each other for who they are as individuals and instead of hating one another, we find it much easier to come together under one roof and share our experiences with one another through the beautiful art of dance."

Misleading Diversity Of The Welsh, Scots-Irish & The Allegany Moutains Folks

Wonder where Rock & Roll or the Blue music orginated from in the USA? Irish, Scottish and Welsh music have long been a major part of American music, at least as far back as the 18th century. Irish traditional music in the United States has a long and varied history, both in recording culture and by live performances.

Scotch-Irish was fairly well educated when compared to their relative poverty before and after they arrived at the Americans. Education was very important within the Scotch-Irish community, especially for those connected to a certain religion. In other words, they are not true hillbillies but born to fight for freedom for all Americans.

Upon arrival in America many Welsh & Scot-Irish brought their Piano keys, strings, storytelling, and vocal cords along with them across the States. Rock & Roll, Blues in the Welsh - Scotch-Irish Music More

Diversity Amoung Women & Aging

"A New Home For Virgie" is a documentary about 2008-09 rescue of an 84-year-old woman from poverty. Make Sure To See The Ending Results.

Diversity of Native American Groups

Since 1492, European explorers and settlers have tended to ignore the vast diversity and needs of the people who had previously lived here. Including simple things like drinking water.

*Diversity is understanding that each individual is unique, and recognizing our individual differences. These can be along the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies.


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Keep your children involved in sports and encourage them to like school. It helps them to learn teamwork among all cultures and perhaps overcome some diversity issues.

Playing sports helps with diversity

Dover Champ #12 below in photo is the same child in above photo growing up loving sports. (who looks alot like me LOL).

Playing sports helps with diversity

Poverty & social status! Comes in all shapes, and colors. Poverty can come upon anyone without a minutes notice. Most of all, women have the highest score on the poverty level.

Remember that old saying you are only one paycheck away from poverty. Save at least a months salary! How many people can save a month salary in advance? (Millions of families probably can not do it.)

Did you walk away from a person in need and think they should go and get a job? Mental illness, not educated, no work available, no one that cares for them, hooked on boozed or drugs, just a plain old person, no transportation, or being disabled could have been their misfortune.

Diversity social status: They walk our streets and remember it could have been you or me if something happened to us as it did to them. We sometimes just don't take the time to understand people living in dire poverty. And our society just does not understand each other cultures.

Last, of all, It is important to keep your children involved in sports and encourage them to like school. It helps them to learn teamwork among all cultures, offers them higher education, and perhaps overcome some diversity issues.

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