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It is very important to give back to the youth and reach out to youth within our communities. Having a good time and famous sports adults taking time out for the young children of our next generation. They are every child's hero!

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Features: Derek Holloway Butch Birkhead New Jersey Sport Greats Full Window Watch New Jersey Greatest Football History

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Watch our many sport episodes by Clicking Here. NJ Sport Greats are providing children with furtherance and sensitive guidance and helping them receive the skills they need to succeed by promoting how great it is to get involved in sports while they are young. Please share our site and help us promote giving back to our youth with important guidance. It is important for the children from any background to get the skills they need to succeed in our fast paced society. Both Russell & Jane have both been athletic sport players while attending their grade & high school and have many relatives that received sport related scholarships. Russell played baseball & football and Jane was a softball pitcher.

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